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No-Makeup Makeup & Tips For a Natural Look (Part 1)


No-Makeup Makeup & Tips For a Natural Look

You wouldn’t wear a thick, wool turtleneck sweater during the summer, right? Well, a full-face of heavy foundation looks just as out of place. “When you think of summer makeup, it’s always fresh, natural, and sunny—never heavy,” says Avon celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan. “When we’re exposing more skin, it’s all about a healthy, radiant, no-makeup look.” Of course, there’s a practicability factor, too. “It’s not comfortable to be wearing so much makeup when you’re sweating!” she says. Ready to summer-ify your makeup? Here’s how to lighten up—and look gorgeous!—this season.

Choose the right foundation:

Deenihan suggests going for a medium-coverage formula. It will be just enough to cover redness and imperfections, but won’t make you look overly made up. And it’s even more important to choose a light, breathable formula that won’t feel suffocating on your skin.
Picking the right foundation is the key to getting a natural look. My pick: Avon True Color Ideal Nude Foundation. It covers everything you want to hide, but still feels and looks light on the skin. Another plus for summer: It has SPF 20!

shopavontruecolormakeupThe Benefits: Avon True Color Foundation:

  • • Buildable coverage from light to medium coverage
    • Lightweight, breathable makeup
    • Soft matte finish that looks and feels like natural skin
    • Built-in oil blotters that help control oil for a soft matte finish
    • Tube is perfect to take on the go for touchups and travel
    • All shades contain SPF 20
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Dermatologist tested
  • Comes in 21 shades

Price and Reviews:

  1. Avon True Color Foundation Regularly $12.00 on sale in Avon Campaign 16 2017for only $8.99 click here to add it to your shopping bag.. 
  2. Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation has 21 reviews – and is rated 3.6 stars based on 21 reviews. Click here to see the reviews!

Next Step:

Apply it right.

Deenihan recommends starting in the middle of your face and using a fluffy brush and circular motions to “buff” your foundation into your skin. “Buffing it, instead of brushing it or rubbing it in with a sponge, gives a more natural look because it evens it out and really pushes it into the skin instead of just laying it on top,” she says. “It will give you that ‘second-skin’.”
Next, go in with a concealer, like Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer, and place it just where you need a little extra coverage like redness around the nose, blemishes, or dark under-eye circles.

shopavonmakeupsales.jpgThe Benefits: Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer:
  • • Conceals under-eye circles and imperfections
    • Blends perfectly
    • Feels lightweight
    • Provides full coverage
    • Smooth and creamy
    • Oil-free
  • Comes in 13 shades

Price and Reviews:

  1. Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer Regularly $8.00 on sale in Avon Campaign 16 2017 Buy 1 get 1 Half Off Sales click here to add to your shopping bag…
  2. Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer has 4 reviews – and is rated 3.5 stars based on reviews.  Click here to see the reviews

Next Step:

Add some highlights.

To really take your no-makeup look to the next level, don’t forget highlighter! “Just be sure to avoid products with large flecks of glitter, because they won’t look natural,” says Deenihan, who loves mark. by Avon Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes.
“Brush it on the high points of your face: the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, under the brows, and just above your cupid’s bow,” she says. “That is really going to accentuate your features and bring light to your face.”
Dare to glow like you mean it! A cult favorite, our shimmer cubes can be applied individually or combined for whatever look or level of glow you’re game for. Nine highly pigmented, shimmery cubes of cream-to-powder shades with a velvety texture are molded in one square compact. Offered in Coral Glow and Pearly Glow.

markbyavonThe Benefits: mark by Avon Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette:

  • • Blendable cream-to-powder formula
    • Velvety texture
    • Imparts a soft, luminous glow
    • Blends seamlessly onto skin

Price and Reviews:

  1. mark by Avon Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette Regularly $18.00 add mark. by Avon Touch and Glow to your shopping bag!! 
  2. mark by Avon Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette has 5 reviews – and is rated 4.8 stars on 5 reviews.  Click here to see the reviews.. 

Part 2 Is Coming Soon Stay Tuned!!

This is my end report for my make-up tips 101 (No-Makeup Makeup & Tips For a Natural Look Part 1) If you like to finish reading please follow me to see Part 2 – to complete your summer look!! Like this blog please share with your friends, family and co-workers .. Share and Follow me and be enter to win a $75 Avon Gift-Basket from me..  Click here to enter

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