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How to Make Sure You Are Shopping with your Personal Avon Representative

How to Make Sure You Are Shopping with your Personal Avon Representative

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If you would like for Misty McDonald – Holian  to be your Avon Lady, please check you Avon Account Settings if you have not all ready!! To make sure you are register as my e-customer with me serving you as your Avon Representative here is some easy steps to make sure you are shopping online with me..

Is Your Purchase Going To The Right Avon Representative??

This is very important for you to make sure you are shopping with the right Avon Rep because if you don’t you might get an Avon Rep that you don’t want.. So please make sure if you want to shop online with me it say’s Misty McDonald and or Holian when you are shopping online with me..

When you go to you Avon Rep’s website or the main the website and start shopping, the credit for the purchase will go to someone but is it going to who you think it is? Or is the name right (on your left side on the top) The cookies on your computer can sometimes play tricks on us and have us thinking we are where we do want to be but your actually not! If it does not have the right name up there.

In some instances, that’s the case when you are shopping on your Avon Representative’se-store website. It can happen when you clicked on another Avon Rep. link. Even if it’s to check out a product they posted about. Sometimes, it happens when you have been an online Avon customer in the past and have been linked to a Rep. It can be frustrating to have customer think they are shopping with me and we think they are shopping with someone else they don’t know they are shopping with, and the purchase credit ends up going to or even another Avon Representative, even by accident. ( Not fair right?) so PLEASE – PLEASE make sure it say’s Misty McDonald – Holian on there!!!

To make sure this does not happen: To make sure you are shopping with the Avon Representative you want to shop with, you need to have an online account and be linked to that Avon Rep by registering as an e-customer with them. To check to make sure your Avon Rep is who it is supposed to be. Log into your online Avon Account and click on my account. On the left hand side, click on “My Preferences” one of the settings you will see on that page is who your Avon Representative is. If it isn’t who you want to shop with and who you want to get your purchase credit, click on the “Change” button beside the Representative’s name and photo. You will be asked if you are sure you want to change. Click yes and you will be taken to a page where you have two choices. You can either enter the first name, last name, and state of the Rep you want ( Mine for example, is Misty Holian  Quinlan,Texas ) or you can enter your own address and have an Avon recommend one to you. Please know, for whatever reason, not all Avon Reps will show up with the recommendation option.

If you are shopping with me, this is the photo you will see of me, Misty McDonald – Holian and in case I have never mentioned it, I live in Texas. If you don’t see me, you are not shopping with me!! Take the steps above to make sure I’m your linked Avon Representative if you have not already and if you’d like for me to your Avon Lady.

Benefits of Shopping Avon with Misty McDonald

Misty Avon Rep and Recruiter

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